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Bank Accounts / Dubai Bank

Open a Bank Account in Dubai

Bank Account Opening in Dubai

Why Open A Bank Account in Dubai:

Dubai is an oasis of wealth and stability in a tumultuous region. Banks are well capitalized. In 2008 Dubai suffered a major financial crisis and the banks stood strong.

No wonder that entrepreneurs flock to Dubai by the thousands to make use of the low-tax environment and the state of the art financial services.

If you're interested in opening a bank account in Dubai please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with relevant information regarding the banks available and their specifications.

We can even offer you remote bank account opening. In that case you set-up a RAK offshore company with full nominee services and a nominee Director will be appointed as a signatory of the corporate account.

Bank locations: UAE – Dubai

General Information and Requirements

Personal Visit requirement:
A personal visit is required. 

Initial Deposit and Minimum Balance:
If you open a corporate bank account in Dubai a minimum deposit is always required. And this amount needs to be maintained with the bank.
Think about 50k AED or more, depending on the bank. Personal accounts often don't have minimum requirements.

Online e-banking facility:
The banks we collaborate with offers its clients with 24/7 advanced online banking services.

Provision of Debit and/or Credit card:
Please note that the bank we collaborate with offers Credit cards to its clients but a deposit will be required. The Credit card can have up to 50% limit of the deposit.

Accepted bank account currencies:
Banks in Dubai accepts to open bank accounts in all major currencies.

Time required for opening of bank account in Dubai:
The process to open a bank account in the UAE (Dubai) with a reputable local bank usually takes between 2 to 4 weeks upon completion of application form and supply of supporting documents.

Open A Bank Account In Dubai

If you are interested in opening a bank account in Dubai please contact us by using the orange quotation request button below. We will assist you with the preparation and submission of all the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Our team of professionals guarantees a confidential and personal approach to each case. We can provide you with banking support and consultation to find the most optimum solutions for your business and needs. Depending on the nature of your business there may be additional requirements in order to open the bank account such as provision of supporting licenses and/or corporate documents.

We are happy to assist you with everything you need in order to make opening your bank account go as smoothly as possible.

Request a quotation now.