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Founded in 2009, Internet Incorporate has quickly established its name in the corporate industry. We pride ourselves for our customer service; confidentiality, prompt correspondence, professionalism and a one-stop solution attitude is what our new and existing clients always receive from our team. We have expert knowledge and insight on Cyprus’ corporate industry. At the same time we have established strong links and associations with Dubai, the UK and Eastern Europe and have done business in many jurisdictions. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to find a solution with the most advantages to our clients, even in the most difficult situations.

Doing business with us

Doing business with us is simple and straightforward. New and existing clients contact us either via e-mail or Skype, and after a detailed discussion about the needs of our clients we present the best possible solution for them. If the client agrees, we then take care of all the rest.  We guarantee a personal approach and fast service to all cases.

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