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Our clientele consists of individuals and corporate groups from all aroung the world. They are engaged in all commercial sectors and range from small, privately owned enterprises to larger sized groups and multinationals. We tailor our services to suit their individual needs and requirements.

In today's highly demanding business standards, we conduct our work with the philosophy that all successful business relationships must be based on mutual trust and understanding. Based on this virtue, we have created strict policies in order to prevent our services being abused for illegal purposes. Our 'Know-Your-Client' (KYC) procedures have been created in order to have a clear picture of who our client is and who we are dealing with.

This procedure includes developing and documenting a clear picture of our clients, what their business is and what is their source of walth. Documents are one essential part of this process, especially in non face-to-face transactions. In general, clients should expect us to request the following documentation:

The preferred document is an internationally valid passport, however if the client does not have a passport we can accept other documents (depending on the jurisdiction). For example we may accept national or state IDs or drivers licences issued within the US, Canada and he European Union, or other government issued document pending the approval of our compliance officer.

For this we usually ask for a recent utility bill or a recent bank statement, but we can also accept a recent residence issued by a government authority or a stamp in internal passport.

Usually from a bank or a licensed proffesional (such as an accountant or lawyer).

Where the client is interested in the incorporation of a company with us we will require either a business plan, or a detailed description of the company's activities/operations.

Both for corporate structures and bank account openings, an explanation of the source of wealth or funds of the clients will be required in order to develop a clear understanding of the client's business activities as well as requirements.

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