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Mauritius Authorised Company “Tax Exempt” are governed by The Companies Act, 2001/ Financial Services Act 2007 and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. 

The new type of AC companies of Mauritius is comparable to a BVI entity and has very attractive qualities: 
  • No substance requirement
  • Full confidentiality - No disclosure on details of UBOs and Directors in Mauritius
  • No CRS reporting issue - The Tax Return to be submitted by ACs in Mauritius is only to cater for dealing with Mauritians which will be taxed at 15% but if no Mauritian dealings, nil tax return will be submitted.
  • Possibility to open bank accounts in Mauritius
  • Low administration costs

Key Corporate Features & Requirements

  • Type of entity: Authorised Company (AC)
  • Type of law: Hybrid
  • Shelf Companies Available: Yes
  • Time to establish a new company: 1 week
  • Corporate taxation: Exempt 
  • Double taxation treaty access: No            
Share capital or equivalent
  • Standard currency: US$
  • Permitted currencies: Any except Rs
  • Minimum paid up: US$1
  • Usually authorised: US$1.000.000                                      
Directors or Managers
  • Minimum number: One
  • Local required:  No
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere
  • Minimum number: One
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere
Company Secretary
  • Required: Optional
  • Local: No
  • Requirement to prepare: Yes
  • Audit requirements: No
  • Requirement to file accounts: Yes
  • Requirement to file annual return: No 
  • Publicly accessible accounts: No

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