News / Cyprus: Permanent Residence permits to children over 25 and parents of applicants
On the 22 of February 2016 the Cyprus Government, following revision of the criteria for granting immigration permits,  announced that children over 25 and the parents of the applicants now have the right to automatically apply to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Cyprus, provided certain conditions are met.

A revised text has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Interior, stating that the right to obtain a permit will apply even after the completion of 25 years, even if the child is no longer unmarried, a student, or financially dependent on his parents. However, the text clarifies that the underage children and spouses of such will not be able to clarify as dependents on the permit.

In the case that the children are students in higher education, they can submit an application for obtaining a temporary residence permit in the Republic as students, in according to the relevant European legislation. After completing their studies, they will be able to submit their own application for obtaining immigration permit, irrespective of their age, with the only requirement that their parents present additional annual income of €5.000.

In regards to the parents of the persons holding a residence permit, they can apply for the residence permit following submission of relevant applications and with the sole condition that the applicant/residence permit holder presents additional annual income of €8.000 for each dependent parent. It is also notable that each parent will also have to submit, together with the application, all the required documents as specified in the application.

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