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In addition to the Company Formation services, Internet incorporate also offers efficient and cost effective licensing solutions both in Europe and in many other offshore jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands, Seychelles and others.
Our company has extensive experience in the licensing of various structures and businesses (financial licence, gaming licences, etc). We offer consultancy and support services, as well as professional assistance on our extensive range of licensing services to our clients. At the same time, our firm provides special assistance to our clients during every step of the licensing process. The unique know-how we have in the specific area allows us to be sure that we can offer our clients the most efficient, cost effective and fast licensing process.
Our portfolio of Licences and Financial Products Registration consists of the following:

Financial Licences
  • Fund Manager and Fund Administrator Licences
  • Public Funds registration
  • Private Funds recognition
  • Professional Funds recognition
  • Futures Trading Licences (Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Equities)
  • Full Purpose financial Licences 
Gaming Licences

Our overall Gaming Licences solutions have been designed in such was, so as to cover both start-up e-gaming companies as well as companies that are already established and are in the process of advancing in the industry. We have expertise in all aspects of gaming licences based on a thorough understanding of the business and the specific needs peculiar to different types of operators. In this respect, we offer gaming licences solutions that can cover the whole range of games of chance, such as Internet Casino, Poker rooms, Bingo, complete interactive gaming and sport bets.

Electronic Money

Internet Incorporate licencing solutions also include the “Electronic Money Issuer” Licence for our e-commerce clients that are looking for an additional payment solution for their clients. Electronic money can offer multiple benefits to both corporations owning internet operations as well as to internet users.

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