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Do you want to run an Online Gambling Website?

This affordable license allows you to legally offer every eGame you can think of

As one of the first countries in the world, Curacao offered gaming licenses to international entrepreneurs since 1996. This license is tried and tested and is relatively easy to get.

It allows you to offer every type of online game you want. If you're interested in running an online casino or any type of online gaming website, Curacao has a very attractive offer for you. Just read the benefits:

Advantages of the online gambling license in Curacao:

  • Offer every type of online gaming product with just one license;
    -> online casinos, sports betting, lotto, poker, bingo, and more.
  • Profit from your gaming site with very little taxes. Only a 2% tax on gross income and nothing else.
  • Save money. Curacao is the least expensive of the big 3 licensing options.
  • Save time. The license is easy to get. A fast and logical procedure.
  • Keep your site humming for years with low annual fees and little paperwork.
  • Benefit from innovative IT infrastructure that runs your website without down-time.
  • Do business under modern, compliant, well written and fair regulations
    (written by people from- or trained in the Netherlands).

What is the Curacao E-Gaming Licence?

Curaçao E-Gaming is one of the oldest and most reputable providers of regulated E-Gaming services. Since 1996, Curacao E-Gaming has proudly served some of the most highly regarded E-Gaming operators and providers of services.

The island has an unique status as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It offers the regulatory benefits of the EU, without being a part of the EU. More importantly, without being subject Europe’s high tax rates.

Unlike other countries, Curacao offers one E-Gaming license that covers everything. There is no need to apply for various types of licenses for different operators, software providers and network providers. This type of license is referred to by the industry as a ‘sub-license’. However, the correct term is ‘IP’ (Information Provider).

The Curacao E-Gaming IP license covers all forms of electronic gaming including games and services of skill, chance, betting, lotteries and casinos. We present below an overview of the most popular E-Gaming services:

Types of products you can offer under this license:

  • Online casino games (roulette, blackjack, slots - as examples)
  • Sports betting Peer to peer games (poker, backgammon, Mah-jong, etc.)
  • Mobile phone games, betting
  • Live dealing
  • Bingo
  • Fantasy football (or similar)
  • Various trading activity
  • Pari-mutual and pool betting
  • Network gaming
  • Lotteries
  • Trivia
  • Common platforms
  • Affiliate’s, Skins, Marketing services
  • And more...

Using an E-Zone company in Curacao

In certain cases, licenses can be issued to companies outside of Curaçao. However, we advise all our clients to start a company in one of the free zones on the island.

If an “e-Zone company” holds the licence, this allows you to benefit from:
  • 0% tax on gross bets
  • 2% corporation tax for e-Zone companies that retain annual compliance
  • No VAT, Sales Tax or import duties
  • No restriction on dividend withdrawals
So besides having the ability to offer every game imaginable, you can also start enjoying your passive income with very little taxes.

How to get a Curacao E-Gaming Licence in just 4 easy steps

Step 1. The first step is to complete a pre-approval form. You must provide basic information about your proposed activities. This process will take approximately 1-2 days.

Step 2. An application form is submitted with the supporting documents to the Curacao E-Gaming authority together with the license fee.

Step 3. Once we get an initial pre-approval, we proceed to incorporate the e-Zone company through an authorised E-Gaming services provider.

Step 4. While the e-Zone company is being incorporated, we will work on gathering, preparing, reviewing and submitting all the required documents for the licence. At the same time, your tech-team proceeds with the logistics of the technical requirements.

Once the application is evaluated and all the requirements have been met, the license is approved and the authorities will issue the sub-licence certificate. You are now in business!

If everything is done properly, we expect that the entire process can be done in 4 weeks.

Why choose Internet Incorporate to obtain your E-Gaming Licence?

  • We’ve been working with them almost every day this past two years and trust me we’ve come to know what they want and how they want it and pretty much the whole process by heart.
  • We can assist you with setting up just the right corporate structure to suit your needs.
  • We guarantee a hassle-free application
  • We work fast and at reasonable costs
  • We assist you with bank and merchant account opening through our extensive network of banks and payment processors

Are you interested in starting an online gaming website, want the ideal license and an experienced agent to help you obtain it?

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