News / National Bank of Ukraine: Changes to the Anti-Crises Measures
As of 11 May 2016 the National Bank of Ukraine Board Resolution No. 308 dated 5 May 2016 (the “Resolution) came into effect. The Resolution amends the existing National Bank of Ukraine Resolution No. 140 dated 3 March 2016 and abolishes a number of restrictions on the foreign exchange market.

In accordance to the provisions of the Resolution, funds in foreign currency transferred into Ukraine for making an investment in Ukraine are now exempt from mandatory conversion into Ukrainian hryvnia.

The National Bank of Ukraine has lifted a bank on the purchase of foreign currency and transfer of funds in UAH to non-residents to make payments for goods imported into Ukraine on or before 1 January 2015 under contracts where the replacement of a debtor and/or creditor in the obligation has taken place.

The resolution will remain effective until 8 June 2016. 

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