The Seychelles group of islands in the Indian Ocean comprises of over one hundred named islands, most being situated between four and five degrees South of the equator. Seychelles is one of our top selling jurisdictions.

Key Corporate Features & Requirements

  • Type of entity: International Business Company (IBC)
  • Type of law: Hybrid
  • Shelf Companies available: Yes
  • Quick time to establish a new company: 2-3 days
  • Taxation on foreign income: Nil
  • Double taxation treaty access: No
  • Standard currency: US$ (Dollar)
  • Permitted currencies: Any 
Directors or Managers
  • Minimum number: One
  • Local required: No
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere 
  • Minimum number: One
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere
  • Company Secretary: Optional 
  • Requirement to prepare: Yes
  • Audit requirements: No
  • Requirement to file accounts: No
  • Publicly accessible accounts: No 
  • Requirement to file annual return: No
  • Change in domicile permitted: Yes

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