Malta's strategic geographical location played a decisive role in its history and continues to play a very important part in its economic, political and cultural development and prosperity today. Having implemented a sound legislative framework over the past decade, Malta's accession as a member of the European Union has stimulated significant developments in the islands economy, brought about principally by a boost of inward directed investment into the country. With its highly educated workforce and the comparatively lower cost of professional services when compared with other EU centres, Malta has become firmly established as a reputable business and financial centre offering attractive business solutions for individuals and international corporations alike.

Key Corporate Features & Requirements

  • Type of entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Type of law: Civil
  • Corporate taxation: 5%-35%
  • Minimum number of Directors: One
  • Minimum numbers of members: One
  • Company secretary is required
  • Local Directors are not required
  • Local meetings are not required
  • Local Secretary: No
  • Annual return: Yes
  • Requirement to file annual return: Yes
  • Requirements to prepare: Yes
  • Audit requirements: Yes

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