The Netherlands, generally known as Holland, is situated at the estuaries of the Rhine and the Mass and is bordered by Germany in the East and Belgium in the South. The country is small and just 37,000 square Kilometers with almost all of the coastal areas below sea-level, the highest point only being 320 meters above sea level. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch Government. Rotterdam is the largest port in the world.

Key Corporate Features


Type of entity: BV (Dutch Limited Liability Company)
Type of law: Civil
Shelf company availability: No
Time to establish a new company: 3-4 weeks
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation): Euro 230
Corporate taxation: 20% for taxable income up to €25,000;
23.5% for taxable income as of €25,001 to €60,000;
25.5% for taxable income as of €60,001+
Double taxation treaty access: Yes

Share capital or equivalent

Standard currency: Euro
Permitted currencies: Any
Minimum paid up: Euro 18, 000
Usually authorized capital: Euro 90, 000

Directors or Managers

Minimum number: 1
Local required: No
Location of meetings: Anywhere


Minimum number: 1
Publicly accessible records: Yes for single member, otherwise no
Location of meetings: Netherlands

Company Secretary

Required: No
Local or qualified: No


Requirement to prepare: Yes
Audit requirements: Yes
Requirement to file accounts: Yes
Publicly accessible accounts: Excerpts for small companies, full details for large companies


Requirement to file annual return: Yes

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