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At Internet Incorporate, we use our many years of experience to help you with registering your business and achieving your goals. We carefully designed an exclusive range of company services, use a personal approach and are quick to respond.

On this about page, you can see an overview of the services we provide.

Incorporation/Company Formation and Representation Services

Company formation accommodates clients in need of tax planning and those requiring anonymity to keep respective business details confidential. We carry out the formation of entities that are tailored to the needs of our clients in all major Offshore Jurisdictions. It is important that for a specific structure the right jurisdiction is chosen thus offering flexibility of operation as well as increasing revenues.

We create the following Offshore Business Entities:

  • Offshore Business Companies
  • Offshore Business Partnerships
  • Offshore Business Branches
  • Offshore Trusts and Offshore Trustee Services Companies
  • Cyprus Financial Services companies
  • Offshore Collective Investment Schemes (Mutual Funds)
We could offer any other business entity or more complicated structures that will involve entities from different jurisdictions upon request.

Representation Services

In addition to the Company Formation Services we also offer a full range of Representation Services that go along with International Companies. Our representation services are designed in such a way that will add to the confidentiality of the structure, as well as give efficiency to any structure we design. Our Representation services include the following:
  • Provision of Registered Office Address and Registered Agent
  • Trustee Shareholders in International Business Companies
  • Nominee Directors in International Business Companies
  • Bank Account Signatories
  • Trustees in International Trusts

Nominee Services

Nominee services are used by our clients in order to protect their identity by ensuring discretion and anonymity. It is a legal way of keeping their personal details off public records by having our directors, secretary and shareholders nominated in their in place instead. 
Our nominee services include the following:
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Nominee Secretary
The nominee services that we offer are structured in such way so as to provide full confidentiality to our clients’ personal information whilst at the same time ensuring full legality and full control over the company. Using our nominee services allows individuals or corporate bodies to nominate another persons or corporate body to act as a non-executive company director, secretary or shareholder. The nominees will act on behalf of our clients in name only and their details will be registered with the Companies House and displayed on the public records in place of the true director, secretary or beneficial owner. The nominees act only upon instruction of true directors and shareholders and are not entitled to manage the company.

Secretarial and Administration Services

Our administration team can perfectly manage any businesses that pursues strong and professional corporate governance. Accordingly, we make certain that the client’s company is at all times in full compliance with local authorities requirements and the targets set by the shareholders.
  • The Secretarial line of services:
  • Provision of Company Secretary
  • Preparation of the minutes of directors and shareholders meetings
  • Assisting with changes in the Company’s Memorandum and Articles
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Returns
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney
  • Maintenance of the statutory books
  • Implementing changes of Shareholders
  • Increase and Reduction of share capital
Each and every corporation that aims to have a successful global presence as well as utilize all the advantages offered by a global structure would definitely need the support of a professional and experienced Administration Team that would make this aim true. This in turn informs the careful design of our Administration services listed below.

Administration Support Services

  • Managing the issue of sales invoices, credit notes and debtor statements
  • Handling correspondence with third parties such as banks and local authorities
  • Managing telephone, faxes, mail and e-mail correspondence
  • Preparation of payrolls and tax obligations of employees and executives

Other Support Services

  • Application for Certificate of Good Standing
  • Application for Tax Residence Certificate
  • Web domain registration

Accounting and Financial Management

We offer a full range of Accounting Support and Financial management especially in jurisdictions such as Cyprus and Hong Kong where keeping accounting records is a requirement. Additionally, we offer Accounting services in special structures such as Financial Companies in the cases where accounting records are required in order to acquire and hold a license. Our team of professional accountants and our support staff perform an extraordinary role always following the International Standards of Accounting and financial management services:
  • Preparation of computerized accounting records in multiple currencies
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts
  • Preparation of Cash Flow and Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Budgets and variance reports against actuals

International Tax Planning

Internet Incorporate, through its globally recognized network offers a multi level Tax Planning consultation service witch aims solely at the advancement of practical as well as flexible Tax strategies. Tax strategies are constantly developed in conjunction with the clients’ business model and overall corporate strategy.

Tax Consultation covers among other areas the following

  • Corporate taxes
  • Withholding taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Double tax treaty issues
  • Trusts and tax planning 
When working on a new overall Tax Strategy we always have in mind the tax benefits of various jurisdictions that will fit better to the specific business model of the client. Most of the international jurisdictions we propose offer Zero tax rates and flexible controls and some others are part of major double tax treaties thus offering the highest benefit to any Tax strategy.

Banking Services

Internet Incorporate offers complete Banking services including offshore Bank accounts through various Banking institutions, both for corporate, and private clients.

Before we decide to work with any offshore bank we first review all the characteristics of the bank, its ratings, customer service, security, online banking services and many others. We will only recommend those banks that will fulfill all of our detailed due diligence requirements. Prior to recommending any Bank or Banking solution, our Banking Department will review your banking needs in detail. Based on analysis of your requirements we will then recommend the solution that serves them in the best possible way.

Bank Support Services:
  • Banking introductions to reputable banks around the world
  • Opening of bank accounts (corporate, trust and personal accounts)
  • Operation and maintenance of bank accounts
  • Arranging, handling and transferring Letters of Credit
  • Assistance in arranging credit and debit cards
  • Assistance with arranging on-line banking services

Merchant Accounts

In order to better serve our e-commerce clients and in our effort to offer them turn key solutions we came into agreements with acquiring banks in order to provide multiple Merchant account solutions. We can offer various Merchant Accounts solutions via European and international acquiring banks. Our solutions are flexible and fast but at the same time they fulfill all international market standards in order to offer safety and speed to client transactions.


Our extensive experience in the Licensing of various structures as well as business models makes us feel absolutely confident about our extensive range of Licensing Services. The unique know how we have in the specific area allows to be sure that we can offer our clients the most efficient, cost effective and fast licencing process.

We offer Licences and Registrations in the following areas:
  • Financial Licences
  • Fund Manager and Fund Administrator Licences
  • Public Funds registration
  • Private Funds recognition
  • Professional Funds recognition
  • Futures Trading Licences (Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Equities)

Gaming Licences

Our overall Gaming Licences solutions have been designed in order to cover both start up e-gaming companies as well as companies that are already established and are in the process of advancing in the industry. Additionally, we offer solutions that can cover the whole range of games of chance, such as Internet Casino, Poker rooms, Bingo, complete interactive gaming, sport bets and much more!

Electronic Money

Internet Incorporate licensing solutions also include the “Electronic Money Issuer” License for our e-commerce clients that are looking for an additional payment solution for their clients. Electronic money can offer multiple benefits to both corporations owning internet operations as well as to internet users.

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