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CIM Banque Bank Account opening

About the bank:

CIM Banque is a traditional leading Swiss Private Bank. The bank is based in Geneva and Lugano. The bank was founded in 1990, and is currently a member of the Swiss Exchange. CIM Banque provides innovative financial services for institutional, corporate, private and business clients around the world. 

Bank location: Switzerland

General Information and Requirements

Personal Visit:
CIM Banque does not require a personal visitation by the client to the bank; however there is a requirement that a Skype conference must be set up and held.

Initial deposit requirement:
To open a bank account in CIM Banque there is a requirement of a minimum of US$10,000 initial deposit.

Online e-banking:
CIM Banque offers its clients with 24/7 advanced secure e-banking facilities that use high secure technologies to allow discreet client access to their accounts from anywhere around the world.

Provision of Debit and/or Credit card:
CIM Banque can issue either a Debit or Credit card, depending on the clients’ needs and requirements.

CIM Banque can open bank accounts in all major currencies.

Time required for opening of bank account:

The process to open a bank account with CIM Banque can usually take between 4 to 6 business days upon completion of application form, supply of supporting documents and provided that the Skype conference was held.

If you are interested in opening a bank account with CIM Banque please contact us and state your requirements. Following a quick consultation we will assist you with the preparation and submission of all the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Our team of professionals guarantees a confidential and personal approach to each case. We can provide you with banking support and consultation to find the most optimum solutions for your business and needs. Depending on the nature of your business there may be additional requirements in order to open the bank account such as provision of supporting licenses and/or corporate documents. If you require any such additional services we will be happy to assist you.

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